Who Are we?

Wayward City is a five-piece alternative rock outfit hailing from New Haven, CT and Puerto Rico. Formed in late 2015, Wayward City exploded onto the Connecticut scene by releasing a series of live studio performance videos that blur the line between hard rock and post-rock. With an earnest focus on songwriting, the group couples ethereal guitar textures with driving drum-and-bass rhythms to build an eclectic atmosphere through which singer David Torres' haunting but uplifting voice truly soars. 

Promo Side Stairs Tight.JPG
Listening to Wayward City’s debut EP is like standing up through a sunroof, at top speed after a great day. Driving fuzzy bass, layered effervescent guitars, drumming executed with technical precision, all adorned with theatrical vocals that make a compelling experience with each repeated listen. The sweepingly epic sound continues throughout the EP and challenges anyone to not make Wayward City their new favorite band. This is an absolute must listen for anyone who enjoys rock music.
— Inside Indie CT