A New Way for Wayward City

Seasons come and go, some things change and others stay the same...but this has never been the case for Wayward City and specifically, Giancarlo Rodriguez (@gian_rodz ). His contributions to Wayward City will forever leave an indelible impression upon us all; while his personal endeavors going forward will catapult him into his latest project, Oak & Wine (@oakandwineband ), which is bound to be fraught with much success.

Though this chapter with Gian comes to a close, Wayward City couldn’t be more excited about our newest member to the group, Zak Perry (@zakperry )! While we never sought to “fill Gian’s shoes”, Zak met expectations we never knew we had and collectively, we couldn’t be more excited about what Wayward City is pressing towards as a whole. We are eager beyond words to share this next chapter with all of you. Thanks to Zak, we have been assured that the very best is yet to come. 

For the rest of you out there in TV Land, stay tuned for more show dates and some new music coming your way later this year. Thanks again, everyone, for all your support!

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Toeing Lines Now Available!

Hey everyone,

Just a quick follow up to let you all know that our single, Toeing Lines, that we released the video for back in December is now available for streaming and for purchase via Spotify, iTunes, or however else it is you get your music. Go give it a listen and if you like what you hear, follow us so that you can stay up to date on all of Wayward City's latest material.

We can't wait to see all your faces again when we hit the stage in April with Lydia and Kalimur at the Space Ballroom in Hamden, CT.

Love, always!


New Video!!!

Hey everybody!

Just wanted to take a moment to tell you about the video release for our newest single, Toeing Lines.  We're just minutes away from it going live on YouTube and as excited as we are to have this out in the world,  we couldn't go without a few shoutouts....

First a thanks to A&J Pro for letting us set up for the shoot in the live room at their studio. We know it's cramped in there, but we can't thank you enough for obliging our request to set up a full video shoot as well as giving us an environment for our ideas as a band to come to life.  

Next up is Ev Freeman, thanks helping with the equipment and not letting us look like hot garbage.  Seriously, without you, we'd probably doing a three camera shoot on our iPhones.

Ted - Our drummer, our backbone, our sound guy, our recording engineer - those are just  some of the few dozen titles he holds. Ted has worked tirelessly to make sure this single is top notch and has been listening to the rest of us give all our input but made sure to reel it in when we got rambunctious.  That being the case, he did a phenomenal job recording/mixing/mastering this tune and making sure that we're putting out nothing but the best.

Andrew - Our bassist, the guy holding down all of the low.  Not only that, the cameraman and editor of the video!  We basically made him take a good months worth of editing and cram it into a couple of weeks.  Even still, he has turned up something that is thematically spectacular and grabs your attention right from the start.

Thanks a lot, guys!

To all the rest of you, the new video is on our Media page and on YouTube.  Go check it out!

All the love,


Happy Thanksgiving! Our mailing list is open

Hey everyone!

First off, we hope you had the happiest of Thanksgivings!  The five of us are going to be working off that feast for the next few months and hopefully making something out of all those empty calories with some new content.  While we're perpetually in a state of working on new music, we also wanted to let you know about our mailing list.  Its up...it's working...and you should sign up today! Our mailing list will keep you up to date on all of the latest things we've got going on and hopefully help us to keep things more organized on our end with announcements. Just enter your email at the bottom of our page and voilà - you're signed up! We're not going to spam your inbox, don't worry.

It's almost the end of 2017 and to say that it's been a crazy year for us, both personally and musically, would be a massive understatement.  That being said, we can't begin to tell you how much we appreciate all the love and support we've gotten throughout the years to do this project and with that in mind, are constantly trying to push it to the next level.  It's our sincerest hope that we can feed off that energy and put it into making Wayward City even better in 2018.

Visit our Live page to see when and where we are playing next and we'll see you soon!


New Site is Live

Hey everybody!

We're super excited to announce that our site, www.wayward.city has gone live! This will be the main hub for any content including upcoming shows, videos, music, merch, news...you name it...we want this to be your one-stop shop for anything Wayward City.

At the moment, the site is still very much under construction but hey, Rome wasn't built in a day (at least Squarespace makes it easy). We'll be continuing to optimize it over the coming weeks but in the meantime, feel free to browse around and check things out! We'd love to hear your feedback on how we can improve your experience on the site. 

There's a lot of fun stuff we're trying to get done for the end of 2017 so that we can hit the ground running when the new year comes.  Check out our 'Live' page to find out about any upcoming shows in your area and we'll see you all very soon!

All the love,

Craig, Dave, Ted, Giancarlo, Andrew - Wayward City