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Happy Thanksgiving! Our mailing list is open

Hey everyone!

First off, we hope you had the happiest of Thanksgivings!  The five of us are going to be working off that feast for the next few months and hopefully making something out of all those empty calories with some new content.  While we're perpetually in a state of working on new music, we also wanted to let you know about our mailing list.  Its's working...and you should sign up today! Our mailing list will keep you up to date on all of the latest things we've got going on and hopefully help us to keep things more organized on our end with announcements. Just enter your email at the bottom of our page and voilà - you're signed up! We're not going to spam your inbox, don't worry.

It's almost the end of 2017 and to say that it's been a crazy year for us, both personally and musically, would be a massive understatement.  That being said, we can't begin to tell you how much we appreciate all the love and support we've gotten throughout the years to do this project and with that in mind, are constantly trying to push it to the next level.  It's our sincerest hope that we can feed off that energy and put it into making Wayward City even better in 2018.

Visit our Live page to see when and where we are playing next and we'll see you soon!